I thank you in advance for finding time to read this section. Here you’ll find more detailed information about the terms on which I provide services, what should be the sequence of your actions to avoid misunderstanding and to accelerate the process of order fulfillment.
The first thing worth knowing – I don’t take up small orders, the minimal order has to consist of 10 photos, that is 10 processed files as an outcome (the exception are services of compositing and collage making, illustrations, orders made on a permanent basis).
If you urgently need the retoucher’s services, you may have to look for someone else. On this page, there is the calendar of available dates where you can see when I’ll be available to take up your order.
The cost of services is negotiated when I see your files and terms of reference (TOR). That’s why, as the first step, you should send an e-mail with a sample of the photos, preferably the worst in your opinion, which have to be processed and with a specification for me to decide on the price. If you have the example I should follow when processing, it also has to be sent with this e-mail. A specification is the name of the service and your wishes regarding the processing. The e-mail can be sent to the address retoucher@oraclena.pro or via Sender (the blue button with a reversed letter “A” on the right side of the screen).
I turn to work only after the price is approved and a prepayment in the amount of 50% is made. Please note that mutual settlements are performed on the basis of invoices. A contract may be concluded upon request on your part. All payments are made exclusively in cashless form. The payment methods are Privat24 (UAH), WebMoney, Payoneer (USD, EUR), P2P (LiqPay), via bank account.
The final payment made upon receipt of the completed work is considered to be a confirmation of acceptance of the work. That is – if you, after receiving the processed files from me, have paid the remaining 50%, it means that the quality of work is acceptable for you and you have no complaints about my work.
If you are not happy with the quality of work, write or call at once to let me know what you are not satisfied with, and then I’ll eliminate the shortcomings as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may happen so that I won’t be able to get back to your order at once because I’ll be busy. Please don’t delay looking through the files received from me.
The return of the advance payment and the termination of the contract are only possible based on well-grounded complaints about the quality of my work. On my part, I’ll do my best to not let you even think about it. The work done will be in line with the specification. At the same time, additional wishes that have appeared when reviewing the work done by me are considered to be a separate agreement, though they’ll be added to the final payment.
I accept the files for processing through the Cloud services and return them in the same way (usually the size of such files is too big for e-mail). They don’t need to be packed in an archive. If you don’t use the Cloud services or you don’t have enough space on them for a big volume of files, write me and I’ll send you a link for uploading the files to my disk on a Cloud service I use (please specify how much space you need for the files).
It’s worthwhile keeping in mind that I don’t provide services of printing photos. I don’t have the equipment necessary to do it. And I take up orders in no other way than via the Internet resources.
According to the Ukrainian and the international legislation, I guarantee that your data will not be transferred to a third party. I can’t imagine what may be the cause for demanding them from me judicially.
Also I won’t be using the addresses of your electronic mailboxes for news about promotions and similar mailings. I don’t have time for it.