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In the modern world retouching became an obligatory component in the sphere of marketing and part of the production process of photographers. Internet shops with the photos of goods made without intervention of a retoucher are increasingly rare. And the Instagram filters have trained people to that a good photo cannot go unprocessed.

Such a great demand for retouchers’ services has led to that almost a half of the Internet community know more or less how to use Photoshop. And the majority of these Photoshop users have very superficial knowledge of retouching techniques and often cannot even cope with the simplest task – removal of the background from a photo.

Product retouching

Other retouching

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First of all, you should become familiar with my terms of service. If they suit you, formulate your specification in an e-mail and upload the files to a file exchange (Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex Disk, WeTransfer). Please make sure that the files will be accessible without additional permissions and registrations. Also don’t forget to peek into my calendar of available dates.

Discussion of TOR

The price and the time frame for completion of the work are determined.


After getting a prepayment, I download the files and retouch the photos.


The retouched photos are sent for checking.

Project closure

Final payment after confirmation of the quality of retouching.


For e-commerce and printed catalogues. Within the service the following works are performed: changing the background, retouching defects.

For advertising materials, photo stocks etc.The minimal package includes removal of skin imperfections and correction of skin color.

For reportage and wedding photographers. Development of RAW files using the Lightroom or Capture One software.

For wedding photographers, advertising materials, publishing houses and others. The amount of work depends on the technical requirements.

For manufacturers and vendors of jewelry. High-end retouching. Post-production of macro-photographs demands a laborious work.

For advertising materials, e-commerce, publishing houses. The full range of retouching works is performed on the entire surface of the frame.

Retouching is made in the case of necessity. Most time is spent to create the frame, to combine multiple images into one.

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